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When I'm married to Harry Harry: *walks in with laptop* Hey...did you ever have a tumblr?
Me: I don't really get technology....................
Harry: oh really? *turns laptop towards me*
Me: Okay, okay, I HAD one, like before we met. No big deal every girl did. I haven't seen that thing in years.
Harry: why is there a photoset of me sleeping.....
Me: oh, you know, people had pictures of you guys doing anything back then
Harry: it was posted 30 minutes ago and it was taken in our bedroom.
Me: many notes does it have.....?


when you hear a song for the first time ever and instantly know that you MUST LEARN THE WORDS AND HOW TO PLAY IT

Happy Eidulfitri.


if you play with my hair until i fall asleep i will probably fall in love with you

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